6 tips to win online casino games easily


Whether you are a seasoned gambler or a novice, getting some tricks and tips can prove to be valuable. These tips when properly followed can boost your confidence level and extend your winning streak in online casino games.

Tips to follow

  • Either do big or simply lose all: When compared to table games, the average slot games are considered to be expensive. It can be almost twice of what you pay for the table game. It is better to avoid those. In case, you are eager to play it, then focus just on the $5 bet. You have winning chances of around 15% to 20%.
  • Learn when to say ‘when’: In the game of Roulette, the house tends to enjoy an edge of 5%. This means, there is a fair chance to win the 1st, 2nd and even the 3rd However, avoid making this a habit to play forever. Otherwise, the house is likely to take away your chips all the time.
  • Practice what is desired: The house in video poker game has an advantage of just 0.46%. Some versions may favour the gambler. Most of the time, the pay table may be posted on the high with high payoff. Generally, casinos make huge profits on video poker game as most players do not have knowledge of the game. So learn more.
  • Avoid playing Keno: Simply avoid it. You have rare winning chances. The house, at some casinos may derive an edge of 35%. It not easy for players to match all 20 numbers present on the 20 spot tickets. Rather, the real-time odds of the game are likely to be 1-in-3, 535, 316, 142, 212, 170, 330.
  • Wear a reliable watch: You should not fall prey to time, something that casinos love. Losing track of time will mean, your losing chances becoming increasingly high. The casino floors are not likely to have wall clocks. So make sure to stay tuned to the ticking off the clock.
  • Stay at a distance from the light: Around 90% of people visiting the casino do not have an idea of what the odds are against them. Rather, casinos are known to use the lousiest odds when creating games, while making them seem attractive by using flashing lights and bright colours.

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