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Mixed poker modes are those formed by the sum of several different variants; it can be the order in which they play pre-established or, on the contrary, the dealer or dealer has the voice to decide how it is played in the poker hand in which he occupies the button position. In both cases, different poker variants are combined.

The most famous and widely played mixed poker games, even in online poker, are as follows:

Dealer Choice: combining several types of poker

The term Dealer Choice (literally, “the choice of the dealer”) is used in games where different combinations of poker are played. Sometimes, as we mentioned, they can be played in a pre-established manner (it will be, for example, when we sit at a horse poker table), but sometimes it is the group of poker players who decide that on that player who is in the position of the button at each moment, you can choose what type of poker is played on that particular hand.

Typically, the poker modalities allowed at the “Dealer Choice” poker table are Texas Holdem and Omaha, in their situs judi online variants, respectively.

Poker combinations between friends

The title was just to attract you; we are not talking about cheating here, but combining games between friends in the application of operators like Poker. There are options for knowing the hands of poker and the possible combinations of poker variants to later practice them in a familiar and healthy environment, among best friends. To play with friends you can choose between online or face-to-face games, and nowadays you can even look your friends in the eye even in the online version, using tools like Zoom or Skype, not missing a pinch of poker faces anymore fierce.

To organize a poker game between friends at home you will of course need a table full of delicious snacks, some refreshing drinks, and a few decks of cards and of course poker chips to distribute to everyone at the beginning of the game. Online, your life is much easier because you can organize the whole game in a very simple way through the application. Choose your prize and game type, enter your tournament start date and time and then enter your guests, who will receive a personalized invitation to your star tournament. At the scheduled time and day, the table will be available to you in the 888 software and will start at the selected time. What are you waiting for to have a great time?

Last Words

In the case of any of the existing types of poker, the combinations of the poker cards, specified as hands or in poker plays, are the way we have to resolve the “conflict” that always appears in the form of confrontation in this game. Basically, the cards are our guide to know if we can risk and bet, or retain our enthusiasm, in a royal flush we can and should go all in, but if you have a low pair, perhaps the best is to wait and see.

The second thematic block that we discussed in the last two sections was the poker combinations referred to the mix of poker variants that serve to create new forms of play, known as mixed poker modalities. These modes, although less familiar, are very fun and help to make the game more dynamic, there are many online tournaments that choose this type of game. Pay attention to what you are playing, because at any moment an Omaha can become a Holdem.


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