Finer Gaming Tips for the Sports Betting Now


We can observe two columns, one blue and the other pink. The blue column represents the Back column. By buying a bet in this column it will have the same effect as if you bought a odds on one of the French bookmakers. Note with interest that these odds are higher on the betting exchange .

The pink column represents Lay bets. By purchasing the Lay of Belgium at at 1.18, you are betting that Belgium will not win the match. Either there will be a draw or a victory for Scotland. It is by anticipating the variations of Back and Lay that sport traders realize their profit. In case of the 먹튀 site this is important.

The Guide to Betting Exchanges

The first betting exchange has existed since the 2000s. It has been almost 20 years since you missed out on such an opportunity! There are several betting exchanges, but there are 4 main ones for their reliability.


Betfair is the historic leader in betting exchanges . It has existed since the year 2000. It offers the widest choice of sporting event, with the highest volumes of exchange. In addition, the ergonomics of its platform are pleasant and intuitive. In return for its reputation, its commission rate is the highest of 5 to 7% on average on winning bets only.

Betting Exchange Smarkets Logo


Smarkets is the second largest betting exchange in terms of volume and sporting event. He is a very serious competitor to Betfair. His commission rate is capped at 2% only on winning trades.

Betting Exchange Matchbook Logo


Matchbook is the most recent. Its exchange volumes and its choice of sporting events are more limited. However, its platform is intuitive. There is no minimum bet limit. For a long time, the betting exchange with the lowest commission rate (from 0.75 to 1.5%), Matchbook has since aligned itself with these competitors and offers a commission rate capped at 2% only on winning trades.

Betdaq Betting Exchange


BetDaq is also smaller than Betfair and Smarkets. It is however historically the second betting exchange after Betfair. Its commission rate is set at only 2% on winning bets (5% on combined bets).

It is better to have at least 2 accounts, because it happens that one of the servers crashes and if you are in full trade, you absolutely need a back-up plan to exit your positions.

When it comes to choosing a betting exchange platform, Betfair is often preferred. However, depending on the country where you live, and the current legislation, you may not have access to betting exchanges! This is the case in France, Belgium, etc. Fortunately, there are alternative methods of accessing betting exchanges despite the restrictions and taking full advantage of sport trading opportunities. You can discover them here.


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