– The most attractive offline card game for android


Are you looking for an offline card game for android? will find you the best card cards today. Join us to learn about offline card games for android right below the article. The number of followers of this game genre is extremely large. This is a sport and intellectual entertainment favored by countries around the world. In addition to PC games, now card games are also supported on smartphones including the android operating system. Hope our article about offline card games on android will bring you lots of useful information.

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Reigns: Her Majesty

This is a game of kings, you will be the model of the world. However, between the 4 factors: politics, religion, economy and society, you have to do the following to balance this ratio. Every way you play must be calculated with each move. Just with the wrong index, you can become a kiss, a soldier, a death … However, situations always include elements of humor so the player always feels comfortable and highly entertaining. This is one of the offline card games for android that many people love.

Game Thimbleweed Park

This is the genre of offline card games for Android under the type of crime and horror. The story revolves around the characters: Agent Ray, Agent Reyes, The Ghost Franklin, Clown Ransom, programmer Delores. You will discover what these 5 mysterious characters really want. Or uncover mysteries that have been happily buried for 20 years. Or simply discover why no one cares about the dead body at the foot of the bridge …

All will be shown at the following locations: at a haunted hotel, an abandoned circus, factory burned to the ground and corpses under the bridge. Especially where toilets use vacuum pipes… This is a game for you to show your detective skills, your inference. Let’s play and find the answers to the above mysterious problems.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

This is an offline card game for android based on role-playing style. They are games that reflect the characters and situations of the popular movie Final Fantasy. Gentle gameplay, many situations can happen. The game has beautiful, eye-catching graphics. Especially those who reminisce about the movie, Final Fantasy movie passion will be best remembered.

These games are available on CH Play, so you will easily download them without having to find support links from many other websites. Have a good time with the card game.


Currently, the offline card game for android is very diverse with many different titles. Only in the framework of this article we can not fully explore for you. In the next articles we will research better and fully gather for you from the way of playing, the rules of the card game… Make sure to give you the best overview of the popular card games today. 

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