How do bookmakers operate?


If you want to start your business as a bookmaker, you may encounter that it isn’t easy. That’s why today we forged up a little explanation, about how do bookmakers operate.

 Franchise – very popular way of starting your betting business

Many betting companies operate “their” bookmaker’s points on a franchise basis. It consists more or less in the fact that the bookmaker is approached by a person who has a place and adequate resources to run such a point. Of course, then the bookmaker provides all the promotional materials and allows such a person to use his logo and run the point “under the wings” of the bookmaker, in exchange for a (considerable) part of the profits or a certain amount of money, written on the contract between the bookmaker and the franchisee. Stationary bookmaker points are mostly loved by older players, because it is the most transparent option for them, they can also talk to the staff, and those people are looking for contact with people and stationary points are a great way to do that. They specially love to do it, because odds comparison is a very difficult task, and with their trusted group they can do it more effectively. Ground points are of great interest. However, it should be remembered that stationary points have several disadvantages, one of them is, for example, that the bookmaker’s points are usually open at certain times, so we won’t be able to place bets if, for example, we feel like it at six o’clock in the morning or four o’clock at night.

Bookmaker companies employ the best, outstanding players for a considerable amount of money, so that they are the ones who play poorly and those who are slightly worse than themselves. On the other hand, there are also people who do what they like and make a lot of money on it. As far as our newcomer is concerned, his main mistake is to discourage himself from betting on a few failed bets, and it doesn’t take much to get the invested money back, or even multiply it. Earn money, as we know, is the main purpose of playing on betting, but we must remember that this should only be fun for us. As new types of bookmaker’s betting, we have this luxury that we can sometimes get the so-called free picks, which will allow us to bet for practically money of the bookmaker. Thanks to this we have the money we can bet and potentially win without thinking about losing anything. After all, “easy came, easy gone” is a very true saying.

Chances of winning

You should always remember that a bookmaker won’t use any dirty tactics to deprive you of victory. In simple words – if we know a little about a given discipline and of course we are lucky, we can count on positive results and the amount of money depends on the amount we pay and the odds that the event covers. That’s why the knowledge about the sport we bet is crucial, without it we can say goodbye to winning, and even more so to our money, which we bet on the bookmaker. But remember that betting responsibly at bookmakers is extremely important. It involves setting a certain limit (for example, a monthly limit) which we can spend on betting at the bookmakers. Each bookmaker application has a function of “responsible gaming”, which is a limit of our funds, which cannot be exceeded. This is a very good solution that inhibits our tendency to become addicted to bookmaker’s betting. We cannot forget that betting is a kind of gambling. Gambling is a very serious condition, so after setting up and activating an account it is worth looking at the “responsible gambling” tab and setting a monthly or weekly limit, which will limit our efforts to “serial bookmaking”.

What are the duties of an employee of betting shop?

The first duty will certainly be to accept bets during the opening hours of the point. Usually it is 9-18. But it is known that, as is already the case in the service industry, you should come earlier to open our point, and leave later to check if everything is ok at the box office, clean up and prepare the place for the next opening tomorrow day. In addition, the private employee must exchange advertising material on the spot and provide information to customers.