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  Casino Gambling and Brazil are the buzz words of the moment and having had the privilege of previously working in the Brazilian gambling market I can’t help but feel excited at the prospect of regulated Casinos becoming a reality in the world’s 5th bigge
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By Andrew Cosgrove - slots manager - Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana   I'm sure that you would agree that passion and engagement in the workplace make a big difference to both productivity and revenues. I'm also positive that it's safe to say that when employe
Andy Cosgrove 24.10.2017 0 327

By Andrew Cosgrove - slots manager at the Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana. This could easily be the shortest article ever written and I could end this right here and right now by using one of any number phrases such as, “I could be wrong but this is just my op
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By Andrew Cosgrove - Slots manager - Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana Like it or not all Casinos have customers that complain and our ability to deal with them can have one of 2 outcomes. The first one is (hopefully) the one every Casino manager dream
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 Many years ago, in most modern, regulated jurisdictions, table game casinos were run by Experienced Casino Operators (ECO’s) who had grown up in the industry; almost all of whom had worked as dealers and made their way through the ranks into executive pos
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By Andrew Cosgrove - Slots manager - Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana  Anybody that’s lived and worked in the Caribbean will probably agree that it’s not for everybody and that only those who are willing to compromise, adapt and appreciate the unique beauty of
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By: Andrew Cosgrove - Slots Manager - Hard Rock Casino Punta Cana  Slot machines have come a long way since the introduction of the Liberty bell by Charles Fey in 1895 and both slots and the people that play them continue to evolve and at an increasingly f
Andy Cosgrove 13.09.2017 1 838

  Take a moment to read the following five critical functions of the gaming operation and honestly consider whether your operation is strong or weak in these areas of table games and operations management.       The Person Managing Table Games Must Know Ga
Luis-A 01.08.2017 0 464

A franchised Hard Rock Resort & Casino  Aruba at the former Bushiri Beach Hotel property has been shelved. The developers did not meet the Government's deadlines for starting the project. The area has now been designated as a public beach, once demol
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GovRisk is a UK-based company specialising in Financial Crime Prevention and related areas such as Compliance, AML, Good Governance, Transparency and Integrity. Back in 2012, we were approached by the Bahamas Gaming Board, the gaming regulator of the most
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