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It is said that roulette is the queen of casinos. The reason is good. It is a representative game, which does not require much knowledge to be played and offers almost as many chances to win a beginner as it offers an advanced. To play roulette, you just need to know how the bets are placed and to know some rules and limits of the game. Before you play, read some secrets about roulette.

Secrets about Roulette: Cheats

There have been a number of cases in the history of roulette of people trying to cheat. They targeted the Ritz Club and won $1 million. They won by using laser scanners hidden in mobile phones, connected to a computer. Of course, they were caught. Rather you can also go for Brazino site.

A Poorly Balanced Roulette Can Help You Win

You may become richer overnight in a casino if you have trained your eye to spot a poorly balanced roulette wheel and if you know how to take advantage of this. The game of roulette is based on physics, of course, and the places where the ball hits and where it lands are determined by several factors, including the speed of the wheel, where the ball lands first and the areas on the wheel. And a poorly balanced wheel causes the ball to stop more often at a certain point. You can try to pay attention to this before betting.

Secrets about Roulette: Big Winnings

We all know that many people hope to change their lives by playing roulette, and one of the most popular stories of this kind is that of Ashley Revell who sold everything she had and placed $ 135,300 on red. He won 270,600 instead.

There is no mathematical formula to help you beat the odds. In games like Blackjack you have a better chance of winning by counting the cards, but in roulette things are different. Many have tried to invent all sorts of systems and methods, but none have really worked. Even Einstein joked that the only way you can win by playing casino roulette is to steal money when the dealer is not paying attention.

There are always exceptions. In 1873, Joseph Jagger was one of the first people to cheat at roulette. He is said to have used his assistant to spot a defective roulette wheel, then used this information to his advantage and won. Charles Devile Wells was also inspired by this story and cheated at the Monte Carlo casino in a similar way, winning 23 consecutive rounds for just $ 6,000.

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