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If the answers to these questions are negative, then refrain from replaying immediately because this is the best way to lose everything again. In any case, even if some matches seem interesting to you, it is better not to touch them. If you want, bet a small part of your daily profits, it’s already enough.

Bettors always have good times when they chain their 먹튀 winnings. The goal is then to stay the course and maintain a good success rate. However, it can sometimes happen that some of you go through very bad times.

Trust yourself more

You are in full doubt because you chain losses and very often because of a raging goal at the end of the match? Do not panic, it happens to everyone. Above all, do not lose confidence in yourself and ask yourself the right questions. Is your betting strategy the right one? Could you improve something in the way you play? Do you combine too many matches between them? Do you analyze all the matches you bet on? All these questions should already help you to see more clearly. So it may very well be that your method of play is good because it is not abnormal to know empty runs. But sometimes it is interesting to ask yourself 5 minutes and question your strategy. The main goal is to limit these kinds of dirty periods as much as possible so that your bankroll does not disappear completely.

In addition, if you find yourself in this kind of situation, we also advise you to reduce your bets on your next bets. Wait until your capital increases little by little to bet a little more. The main thing to remember is that you must not lose confidence. In case you really can’t get up the hill, take a short break and leave the bets aside for a while. You will only come back stronger.

The advantages and disadvantages of these 2 types of bets

Single bet

Its advantages:

Less risky: indeed, it is enough that your only selection is just to win your bet. Obviously, if the odds are very high, the risk will be higher and the bet more risky.

More reliable: it is possible to lose a combined bet of 5 selections because of a match. The gain is then 0. Worse, you lose money. While making 5 single bets, you would certainly have made a profit.

Less stressful: you only have to wait for the result of one sporting event to know the outcome of your bet. 

Finally, to regain confidence, you can also follow other tipsters who are doing very well. On the one hand, you don’t have to worry about it because they are the ones who do the analytical work for you. And on the other hand, you will be able to bail out the boxes a little. 


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