Fine Choices for the Slots for You


On the other hand, the more lines, the more the sum you will play per stroke may be large. But you obviously don’t have to play on all the lines, it’s up to you.

Video slots

Today it is the best in the world of the slot machine. You will be surprised by the graphic quality implemented here. Your gaming experience is punctuated by video animations of course but also audio. They are also multi-line and they tackle a theme as well but it is still much more successful, much more pleasant for the player who will be literally immersed in a story with characters that you find throughout.

In addition, the new machines that are coming onto the market are equipped with 3D technology, which makes them even more interactive. To try at all costs.

We owe the first slot machine to a German man. Charles August Fey is the pioneer who founded in 1905 the first model of penguin bandit, called Liberty Bell . A native of Bavaria, Charles August Fey was passionate about mechanics and started his own business soon after settling in New York, in the 1890s. The creation of the Liberty Bell came to him when his company specialized in the manufacturing of spare parts was just beginning to be a great success.

The Liberty Bell

In 1894, Charles August Fey therefore developed the first three-wheel machine, the Liberty Bell. Official supplier to Gustav Shultze  a slot machine manufacturer with a strong reputation, Charles August Fey was able to directly benefit from his exposure. Faced with the effervescence of its creation, Fey decided in 1895 to focus solely on the production of slot machines with reels – more practical and less expensive than those on wheels. He then invented a new model with a unique concept: a slot machine equipped with a coaxial dial that highlighted several fun and colorful symbols such as the famous liberty bell, horseshoes and acronyms from poker (Pique , Heart, Tile among others). The Liberty Bell had sixty great years of glory, before Bally’s electromechanical slot machine stole the show.

A game that created controversy

Although several manufacturers succeeded Charles August Fey and further embellished the first models of penguin bandit (Mills, Watling, Caille etc.), slot machines were frowned upon in American society in the 20th century. They often tended to stir up the lightning of legislators who for the most part had only one desire: to suppress it once and for all. Mills was the one who allowed the slot machines to survive and, most importantly, to exist. The present slot siteleri betting option is essential.

By transforming them into confectionery distributors, the slot machines were accepted by all. The appearance of new symbols such as plum, lemon, cherry and strawberry received a warm welcome among the very first skeptics. In 1970, slot machines were exported to Europe, where they became the number one product for casinos.

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