Football betting and Your Chances Now


If you are used to betting on football matches, you already have a good background for your football bets. Nevertheless, you will find below 10 tips allowing you to bet effectively on the Football matches. You can visit to for the best results now.

  1. Bet Football – The Analysis

Football betting has some similarities with betting on rugby. In both sports, the probability of a draw is very low and playing at home is of paramount importance. 

The two most important questions to ask are: who is the team that receives and who is the favorite? In football, there are often significant differences between two teams that meet. The odds of the favorite will often be very low and you will have to, as in rugby, bet on the differences of points at the end of the match.

Make sure that the best player on a team is not injured. The lack of a “franchise player” is very detrimental for his teammates.

In the Championship, teams meet up to 4 times in the season if they play in the same division. The result of previous meetings will tell you who has a psychological advantage, and if one team had trouble manipulating another. Teams playing often every other day, with sometimes 5 or 6 consecutive games away, it is interesting to scrutinize their schedule. If it’s an average team, it will tend to miss a match played outside against a tenor just before receiving a team of his level. The shape of the moment is therefore less important than for other sports because some franchises sometimes drop games completely. 

The criteria not to be missed are therefore in order of importance:

  • The ranking and level of the 2 teams
  • The place of the match
  • Possible injuries
  • The challenge and the motivation
  • Calendar of upcoming meetings
  • The physical freshness
  • History
  • The shape of the moment
  1. On Which Games to Play?

The experts will advise you to play first on the ProA and the NBA because these are the two football championships on which you will have the most easy access to information. Football is a difficult sport to master for beginners. So play virtually or little money at first to see if this sport suits you. 

  1. Most Difficult Games to Bet

If you start, avoid playing the playoffs because some teams that dominate the regular seasons collapse when it comes time for the final stages. On the contrary, some teams are “cut” for the playoffs and create the surprise. As in all sports, international competitions are more difficult to judge than national championships. Without experience, do not get into the bets on the championships of the countries on which you have only little information.

  1. Where to Bet Basket?

You may be a part of these new prognosticators who each year pull up the figures of sports betting. In 2016, the stakes recorded by players reached an incredible record, an increase of + 45% compared to 2015. So yes, the Olympics and the Euro football had helped, but all the same, the figures in this industry have been evolving for many years.