The Finer Bets That You Can Depend on Now


Bet without following the match live it is obvious that if you do not watch the match (on TV or on the computer), it will be more difficult for you to make the right choices. Again, if you can’t follow the game, refrain from betting live.

Bet in the first moments of the matches: this is something to avoid because the first minutes of the matches very often look like observation rounds between the 2 teams (eg in football) or between the 2 players (eg in tennis ). Wait twenty minutes before placing your first bets in order to better understand the state of form of the teams / players.

Trying to do it again with live: have you just lost several bets? So do not try to remake yourself with 토토 “Live betting”.

No longer knowing how to stop : the major risk of live betting is not having a limit. You understand this, it is very dangerous because you risk losing all your bankroll at once. 

You need to be specific on the aspect of the betting. This is one important matter that you will have to be sure of. Choosing the right site happens to be a very important part here. You need to be extra careful about it.

The best bookies to bet live

If you wish to do “Live betting”, we advise you to register with 2 bookmakers in particular. These are Bwin and Unibet which are the 2 best performing online betting sites for live betting:

Bwin: it is certainly the best operator to do live. The interface is pleasant, fluid and intuitive. The number of live bets offered is very high (almost 70 for football) and almost all sports are represented. In addition, you can follow Bwin’s Web TV streaming up to 2000 sport events per month. There is no doubt that if you had to choose a bookmaker on which to make “Live betting”, it would be Bwin. 

Unibet: it is the other bookmaker which is doing well for live betting. Indeed, we can practically find the same elements as for Bwin. There is certainly a little less choice of bets. On the other hand, it is possible to follow many matches in streaming on Unibet’s Web TV: 13 different sports and more than 100 competitions broadcast. 

Martingale is a betting method that is relatively more common in the casino world. But it is also increasingly used for sports betting. In the following paragraphs, we will first define the martingale in sports betting. Then, in a second step, we will see the risks associated with this method. And finally, we will give you some tips if you want to test the martingale for your bets.