Choose Your Deals Perfectly in Sports Betting Now


After building a reputation on the sites, it’s time to place your first bets. In this article, we are going to provide you with some advice regarding the amount of stakes for beginners in sports betting.

Sports betting tips

What are the recommended stakes to start betting?

When you start in 토토먹튀 sports betting, you must remain vigilant about the first bets you want to place. One might tend to want to bet a lot at once in order to win large sums of money quickly. And this is a mistake that can cost you dearly from the outset. So where do you start? In fact, it depends on the budget you set at the start , in other words, it depends on the budget you allocate to your sports betting bankroll.

If you decide to leave with a budget of € 100, it is obvious that you will have to moderate your bets. It is therefore preferable to start with reasonable bets. For example, never spend more than 10% of your bankroll on a single bet.

  • Your stake will also be established according to the reliability of your bet . What is the reliability of a bet? It is the probability that you consider it fair for your sports bet to be a winner (example: 2/10 = very low, 4/10 = low, 6/10 = likely, 8/10 = high). Once you have estimated your chances of winning, you just need to place your bets. For example, if you think that Paris SG has 50% (reliability of 5/10) chances of winning against its rival Olympique de Marseille, we advise you to bet only 5% of your bankroll, or € 5 if you start with an initial budget of 100 €. It is very important to be rigorous in your bet management to hope to become a winning bettor in the long term.
  • When your bankroll increases, your bets will also naturally increase. In the event that your bankroll decreases, do not try to compensate for your losses by betting larger sums. Most of the time, you risk making the situation worse. Stay consistent and serious to see your efforts rewarded. Take the test over a full month and compare the results with previous months. You should have some nice surprises.

One exception to bet big right off the bat

Indeed, there is only one exception for which you can bet your entire bankroll on your 1st bet: if you decide to register on an online betting site, you will enjoy a welcome bonus. This offer, for most bookmakers, allows you to obtain a full refund of your first bet in the event of loss or to double your deposit. This is why, in this unique case and to take full advantage of the bonus, it is advisable to bet the maximum amount of the offer. Please note, the bonuses offered only concern new players, i.e. bettors who register on a site for the first time.

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