Things You Never Knew About Roulette


Roulette is one of the greatest casino games ever discovered. There are many table games like blackjack or rummy. However, Roulette is unique and incredibly interesting for the players. It is a social game that you will find in casinos. What makes it thrilling? Well, the fact that players should choose a number and hold their breath to see the wheel do its work is the thrilling part about it. Besides, it’s also social because you will have more time to sit back and talk with the players while the wheel keeps moving. Also, it is one of the best games for beginner gamblers for the same reason.

The different types of roulettes

Here are some of the best types of roulette games available in the market. Check them out below:

European roulette: Europe was the birthplace of the game. On a wheel of European roulette, there are numbers from 1 to 36. With all these numbers, there is another number, which is 0. It is the 37th number of the game and provides a house edge. Picking an individual number will pay you up on a ratio of 35:1 for every bet chip. Here are some other types of roulette games you will enjoy.

American roulette: When the game reached Vegas, it was the standard European style. However, then it slowly grew its popularity in the States, and now, they have their version of the game. Instead of having 37 numbers on the wheel, the Americans added one more and made it a 38 number wheel. Now, in this new version of the game, they have two zeroes on the wheel. So this roulette wheel had a double house edge and is terrible for the players.

French roulette: France also has its version of roulette. French people are the ones who discovered the game. However, this version of the game is not there in most casinos. There are no french roulette tables in the northern part of the States. However, there are some casinos worldwide that have this table for roulette enthusiasts. The best online casino Singapore also included this in their array of casino games. There are few rules of the French roulette table that are nowhere else. This involves the “insurance-style” bets for when the ball does not land on zero.

Third zero: A few American casinos are sliding a third zero in the American style roulette. This is an act of greed from the casinos and increasing the house edge even more. Most players will not even notice when they are sitting on a roulette table like this. So always observe the table before sitting on it. If you see three zeroes on the wheel, turn around and walk away.

So, these are some of the best types of roulette tables. We will come back to discuss different casino games on another day, with another new topic. Happy gaming till then.