Better Understanding for the perfection of Sports betting

But sometimes the odd value for some of the teams is way below acceptable, the visitor is a favorite if he pays little for a draw or pays little for a goal game. Games with odds that make us suspicious of the situation can have a long-term result, but it is not always so.

Sometimes a team can play with reserves and obviously their price will be higher

Public money also influences the odd. If many people are betting on goals, bookmakers will automatically lower the value. When there is value on one side, this price falls and tends to fall until shortly before the game begins. Professional bettors are always on the side of the value bet and some professionals have programmed their bots to place bets when there is value. With the money of these people going up in value, those odds go down.

Therefore, you can confuse between fixed match and 메이저사이트 value bet, it really is not easy to identify fixed matches in the pre-game.

A big feature in manipulation is to see how the odds go in live. Imagine that there are 15 minutes left to finish a game and you know that a goal will come out but the over goal line is not paying anything. 

This is a fixed

You can identify these fixed matches in the pre-game as well as in the live game, but you will not take much advantage of them because the value of the odd is really bad.

There’s also the fake fixed, the guy sells his result to a lot of people, there’s a hysteria of people betting on it and the odds are moved where people’s money goes. So the guy bets against that, with a higher odd value and ends up making money.

We can’t forget to also talk about the fixers that change your original idea. They hit over goals, but the unknowing betting public also gets into it, so they see odd value in under goals, change the fixed to an under goals game and make money doing their trading.


Finding people who work with results bought in football matches is not easy, this practice is against the rules of a legal bookmaker and is also a crime. Don’t get a glimpse of it, don’t waste your time let alone your money with fixed match. What general “rules” does the beginner need to follow in order to be a better gambler and win more often? Or not to lose everything at once?

We have separated thirty tips, thirty principles that followed the letter will make you a better gambler.

 Set a budget to bet

Many people place sports bets and most of these people lose money. It is very likely that you beginner will also lose money, as this is the natural process.


The Sports Betting Deals with the European Handicap


European handicap as well as Asian handicap is a market that serves to equalize the strength of both teams / players, also seeking to equalize the odds. It’s a way of encouraging people to bet on the team that is paying too little. Why a team when it is very favorite gets a fairly low odd from the 먹튀 betting sites.

The European handicap is not a well-known market in Brazil because we generally prefer the Asian because it has a chance of voiding the bet, while in the European not. You need to be sure about the whole process here.

The difference from European to Asian handicap

If you are used to the Asian handicap it will be easier to understand this explanation, otherwise, access what is Asian handicap to understand this market as well.

What is Asian handicap and also what is goal handicap

The basic difference is that the European handicap bets on the home win, the visitor’s win and a draw, while on the Asian handicap there is no bet on the draw.

Given the possibility of a draw on the European handicap result, it may be that your bet will be different if you bet on the Asian handicap. Let’s see:

Asian handicap

In Asian wins the one who bets on Bristol City -1 if the team wins by at least 2 goals difference. If the win is for 1 goal the bet is void and the money returned.

  • European handicap
  • European handicap example 

In Europeans, those who bet on Bristol City (-1) will win if the team wins by at least 2 goals difference. Now, if the win is only 1 goal difference the bet is not voided, it is lost .

Realized that there is a difference in quotation? Because there is no tie in the European handicap, the sites pay more for those who risk it.

Did you also realize that to win in the European handicap Bristol City (-1) is the same way to win in the Asian Bristol City -1.5?

Yes. And in this case, the European price at 2.30 is lower than the Asian at 2.425 and you might be thinking “Why bet on the European handicap”? Because often the quotation in European is higher than in Asian, it depends on the site and the match in question.

Below is a print of the two markets from the same match above that shows the advantage of betting on the European .

  • Asian
  • European

European handicap example 

To win the bet on Bristol -2.5 and Bristol (-2) the final score must be the same: Bristol win by three goals difference. In this scenario, the European handicap at 4.75 pays more than the Asian at 4.650.


Betting Done Right With the Right Steps

Everyone wants to make money by betting and few people really understand that long term winning is what will make you a winning, professional gambler. Betting sites with their thousands of mathematicians, journalists and traders have an advantage over us. They earn on our silly mistakes and earn a lot in the long run using techniques that we will explain in this text “How to calculate an odd quantitatively”.

When you are starting out in this world you think, “Man, just get it right, I’ll get along.” Well, that’s not always true, because you win and often has no long-term value. And with that, to familiarize you, understand the concept of 먹튀 “value bet”, which is in short when a bet offers much higher odds than what you calculated.

To win from bookmakers it is necessary to know all their strategies, techniques

Well, this is where the beginner gets the most, because he has a good knowledge about the sport, has defined good strategies in the markets he works, but he has no mathematical properties to say whether or not that bet is really worthwhile. That way I’ll use the over 2.5 market as an example to teach you how to get away from bad odds.

Strategy to Beat Betting Houses on the Over Under Goals Market

How to calculate an odd?

To get started, you need to know that there is a lot of math used to calculate an Odd. You can use simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, Poisson distribution, neural networks, multivariate analysis, etc. On the internet you can find it all. Well, I’m particularly adept at Poisson distribution (I’ll write about it) and we use it in many of the markets we work in, because it’s simple, and over time I’ve been able to adapt to that concept in the markets where we work.

Poisson distribution is suitable for use mainly in the goal market. Then you ask me “what the hell is this Poisson distribution and how are we going to use it?” Below is the formula:

If you don’t like math, you might be thinking about closing the tab right now. But calm down, buddy, in a nutshell this formula allows you to calculate an event “x” by averaging “y”. So, pulling for bets, he calls this x the “exact number of goals” and “Y” of a team’s average goals.

Frequency of Results under Over 2.5 goals

But how to use it in an under and over market? In the over / under 2.5 market, under 2.5 is when there are 0, 1 or 2 goals in the match, so you calculate the probability of having exactly 0, 1 and 2 goals and add those odds.


Discover The Types Of Welcome Bonuses For Bets

Just as no two people are the same, in the betting world, not all bonuses are the same. Each of the offers of each bookmaker has its characteristics and responds to different needs.

That’s why we recommend that you study and compare all-new entry bonuses and choose according to your betting profile and what you need.

Whether offering free bets, doubling your money, or returning a portion of the bet, the bookmakers have solutions for each and every one of the potential clients.

Let’s now look at the welcome bonus classes offered.

1st Deposit Welcome Bonus

The new deposit bonus that works with the first deposit is a bonus that you will receive with respect to the first deposit you make in your new betting account.

Usually, the amount to receive responds to a percentage of the value you enter.

  • It is common for bookmakers to offer a bonus of 100% of the income you make. That is, if you enter $ 100, then the bookmaker will give you another $ 100 as a bonus
  • However, you should keep in mind that there are maximum values ​​to receive and minimum values ​​to deposit
  • Also, you must meet a series of requirements to obtain the value of the bonus in its entirety, and on the other hand, many bookmakers would not let you take out $ 100 of the bonus in cash but should be used to bet

2nd And 3rd Deposit Bonus

Some bookmakers may not double your money with your first deposit, but they do offer new account bonuses, but you receive the money with the second and third deposits.

This means that they will double, triple, or even give you more money when you make your second or third deposit.

That said, there is also the possibility that a welcome bonus will be staggered to three incomes. That is, they give you a percentage with each of the first three income you make.

This offer responds to betting regulations in each country, and even to rollover policies of betting houses.

So keep in mind that depending on your country, you will have to respond to certain limitations that range from the amount you can enter to the money that bookmakers can give you.


Let’s Explore The Golden City At Bitstarz Award-Winning Bitcoin Site

Once again, the leading gaming software provider iSoftBet brought the opportunity to travel to the jungles of South America. The Golden City, a 5-reel and 20-payline video slot will take you to the action-packed journey loaded with rewarding additional features. Set within an ancient civilization, its 2019 release provides stacked Wilds and cascading reels.

Basic Facts About The Golden City Slot

Before we go ahead to discuss in detail about this slot, let’s gather the basic information related to it.

  • Software – iSoftBet
  • Paylines – 40
  • Progressive – No
  • Maximum Payout – 1,606x
  • Reels – 5
  • RTP – 98%
  • Slot Type – Video slot
  • Maximum Win – 500 coins
  • Bonus Round – Yes
  • Minimum and Maximum Coin Size – 01 (minimum), 1 (maximum)
  • Minimum Coins Per Line – 1
  • Special Features – Wild Symbol, Free Spins, Scatter Symbol, and Autoplay Option

Even though payouts are average and RTP is also less if compared with other popular video slot titles, you’ll find this game highly enjoyable at Bitstarz. It has 4.02% house edge when playing maximum coins or paylines.

Colorful Aztec Theme & Design

The Golden City is an Aztec themed slot inspired by the Mayans. It features 5 reels of colorful gemstones, intricately carved statues, and gold. Statues flank this slot’s reels and blink to include an extra bit of animation. The lively and bold graphics look awesome on all types of devices including desktop, mobile devices, etc. The better ones feature several idols with intricate designs and show the Gods of the Mayans. You can enjoy this entertaining slot without any worry in India as online gambling is almost legalized here.

Special Symbols

The symbols on the reels, set in a jungle, are made from precious gemstones and gold. It features these 4 symbols –

  1. Valuable Symbols – Red Mask and Blue Mask are the valuable symbols.
  2. Wilds – Totem Pole wild symbol appears stacked which cannot be broken. It can substitute all other symbols excluding Scatters and Free Spins.
  3. Scatter – This symbol is released during the Free Spins feature and can be used as a golden opportunity to play on the Prize Pyramid Bonus.
  4. Free Spins Symbol – It comprises Golden Eye symbol that may activates Bonus Trail feature, when 3 of them land on the reels.

Special Features To Expect

You’ll trigger a Trail Bonus and Free Spins feature on landing bonus symbols on reel 1, 3, and 5. Trail Bonus is a board game, where you’ll be rolling a dice and move across the fields to gather  Free Spins symbols, Keys, Scatters, coin wins, and mystery prizes. Free Spins feature is activated when you collect sufficient Free Spins symbols. The collected Scatter value will keep on increasing during Free Spins features. You’ll win a prize on landing a scatter. On collecting 3 golden keys during the Trail Bonus, you can reach Prize Pyramid to activate the Cash Wheel and win huge amount up to 1000 times your wager.

Boasting Cash Wins, fitting soundtrack, Free Spins, and impressive graphics, this video slot is perfect to get the experience same as of stricking Aztec gold.


Definitive Tips To Find The Safe And Trusted Sports Betting Site

Since online sports betting has been evolved, most of the punters have moved their attention from local venues to web-based bookies. There are so many sites operating in the field of virtual sports betting with their pros and cons. Hence, it can be difficult to decide where you will find the best opportunities, better odds, special offers, and other amazing features. There is good news! You can make this difficult process easy by considering different approaches described below.

Evaluate Sports Betting Sites Considering These Points

Punters all around the globe have myriads of betting options to choose from. To easily and quickly decide on which bookmaker you must place a wager, follow these important tips.

  1. Evaluate Sportsbook’s License

A trustworthy bookie will always show its licensing details on the bottom of its website. License reflects that a particular bookmaker is legally approved to operate sports betting activities. If you observe that a sportsbook does not have a license from a well-respected authority, then say no to it.

  1. Verification Process

A safe online sportsbook gives much priority to verifying and validating the player’s identity before processing the withdrawal request and sending the payouts. They perform complete verification according to worldwide AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations.

  1. SSL Protection & Confidentiality

Another factor to consider is what security measures does a specific bookie uses. SSL (secure sockets layer) is the standard security technology that protects financial transactions and all sensitive information from unauthorized access. Most bettors do sports betting mistakes of not checking the privacy policies and SSL protection details. A bookie with no SSL protection is more likely to have security issues.

  1. User-Friendly Interface & Modern UX

The user interface shows how effectively you’ll be able to interact with a site. A fully functional interface provides a more streamlined experience while betting on sports. Make sure a sportsbook offers the ability to check cricket betting odds and other sports odds in preferred formats for quick access to potential bets. A user-friendly site boasts a reliable sorting option to quickly find what you’re looking for. While analyzing UI and UX features, don’t forget to check the device compatibility, live betting options, and loading speed of a site.

  1. Bonuses & Promotions

One excellent perk about well-known betting site is that they offer the golden chance to earn more through various bonuses and promotions. It includes a welcome bonus, deposit reload bonus and promotional offers to name a few.

  1. Responsive Customer Service Department

Another thing that you must look for in a sports betting site is contact options available to reach the customer service team. Find out whether they provide round-the-clock support or for certain hours.

  1. Banking

Look for a site that offers all primary banking options such as credit/debit card, Bitcoin, bank wire transfer, e-wallets, and prepaid cards. Determine what kind of deposit and withdrawal fees are charged and how long it takes to process the transactions.

Read reviews of different sites at to find a safe bookie. And, remember that you choose a sport of your choice for betting.


Football betting and Your Chances Now

If you are used to betting on football matches, you already have a good background for your football bets. Nevertheless, you will find below 10 tips allowing you to bet effectively on the Football matches. You can visit to for the best results now.

  1. Bet Football – The Analysis

Football betting has some similarities with betting on rugby. In both sports, the probability of a draw is very low and playing at home is of paramount importance. 

The two most important questions to ask are: who is the team that receives and who is the favorite? In football, there are often significant differences between two teams that meet. The odds of the favorite will often be very low and you will have to, as in rugby, bet on the differences of points at the end of the match.

Make sure that the best player on a team is not injured. The lack of a “franchise player” is very detrimental for his teammates.

In the Championship, teams meet up to 4 times in the season if they play in the same division. The result of previous meetings will tell you who has a psychological advantage, and if one team had trouble manipulating another. Teams playing often every other day, with sometimes 5 or 6 consecutive games away, it is interesting to scrutinize their schedule. If it’s an average team, it will tend to miss a match played outside against a tenor just before receiving a team of his level. The shape of the moment is therefore less important than for other sports because some franchises sometimes drop games completely. 

The criteria not to be missed are therefore in order of importance:

  • The ranking and level of the 2 teams
  • The place of the match
  • Possible injuries
  • The challenge and the motivation
  • Calendar of upcoming meetings
  • The physical freshness
  • History
  • The shape of the moment
  1. On Which Games to Play?

The experts will advise you to play first on the ProA and the NBA because these are the two football championships on which you will have the most easy access to information. Football is a difficult sport to master for beginners. So play virtually or little money at first to see if this sport suits you. 

  1. Most Difficult Games to Bet

If you start, avoid playing the playoffs because some teams that dominate the regular seasons collapse when it comes time for the final stages. On the contrary, some teams are “cut” for the playoffs and create the surprise. As in all sports, international competitions are more difficult to judge than national championships. Without experience, do not get into the bets on the championships of the countries on which you have only little information.

  1. Where to Bet Basket?

You may be a part of these new prognosticators who each year pull up the figures of sports betting. In 2016, the stakes recorded by players reached an incredible record, an increase of + 45% compared to 2015. So yes, the Olympics and the Euro football had helped, but all the same, the figures in this industry have been evolving for many years.


The Aspect of Mathematics in The Sports Betting

The German mathematician Johannes Kepler mentioned that the growth rate of the Fibonacci numbers tends to the golden ratio of 1.618. The odd needed to be even with Fibonacci is then 2.618. However, it is more interesting to get slightly higher odds to maximize your검증사이트site profits.

Fibonacci in theory

Pinnacle Sports published in its articles that the Fibonacci strategy yielded a theoretical profit of 1,786.70 from a bet of 1. This strategy has always continued to bet on a draw.

They took the 2011/12 Premier League data and there were 93 draws in the 380 games, which gives 24.5 percent of draw in those matches. And importantly, all odds for a draw were over 2,618. This result means that there was an average of one hit every four games. This also means that on average the winning bet would be Fibonacci’s fourth number: 3, with a total bet of 7 (1, 1, 2, and finally 3). The average draw odd this season was 4,203 (Pinaccle odds), which gives average wins of 12.61 by multiplying the odd by a bet of 3, a profit of 5.61 when the amount spent (which in this case is 7) is subtracted.

This is all theoretical, there was no draw every four games and you could sometimes hit two draws in a row and see up to two rounds without a draw, but as the average draw in that season at EPL was 24.5%, every theoretical account in over this number results in a profit of 1,786 from a bet of 1.

Fibonacci in Practice

We searched the internet in four languages ​​- Portuguese, English, Spanish and Chinese – with the help of google translator for someone who had done the fibonacci strategy in sports betting practice. we found nothing about it, no excel spreadsheet or article and even a message in forums, what we found was diverse opinions from people regarding the subject and fibonacci in casino games, which does not fit this article.

Should we use the Fibonacci strategy?

Numerically speaking, the Fibonacci approach has no flaws, just follow the sequence at the minimum odd of 2,618. But there are cons, being the main one obviously you have to have such a big bankroll to endure a losing streak. But we see this as the only problem.

You should not only use this strategy for betting on a draw, you can bet on the winner, an aggressive Asian handicap, goals or any other market that offers something equal to or greater than an odd 2,618. The important thing is the odd, not the market. Obviously the draw is one of the three results of a football game and you pay a lot for it.


Get Equipped with the Reality When Playing Poker

Rejecting to exist to ourselves is just half the job. To boost, we also have to deal with our strategy constantly. A great deal of individuals asks me just how I manage tilt. I have numerous treatments in place; my personal situations, such as Texas Hold’em competitions, where I can’t damage from the game, is a particular resource, a good friend that recognizes specifically what to state to me to take the stress out of the situation and make me laugh.

Casino poker, such as in PokerQQ, is a solitary, zero-sum game, as well as due to this, it can frequently feel lonely. Really feeling a person on your side can be very effective.

The crucial component of developing an approach is that it needs to help you. Something efficient for one person might not be similarly effective for another.

The main thing is to ask you these questions:

  • How do I act once I’m jeopardized?
  • How is my absolute feel?
  • Will I be able to keep moving after losses?
  • Get over-aggressive?
  • Become frightened about cash?
  • Something entirely different?
  • How typically does it occur, for how long does it last, and just how negative does it obtain?

Remember, this sincerity will not be easy.

As soon as you have spent time smashing the effect down, you will be able to then create concepts of what you believe could be a reliable counter. You can attempt points from a chart of recognized tilt-counters, for example, breaks, stop-losses, reflection, or else you can generate even more original ideas.

Jump these off a peer or coach, and do not be afraid to try brand-new points if something that utilized to function is failing. In some cases, multiple counters can be valuable to have in the area for different circumstances; a negative beat might need different administration than a poor play.

Ensure to occasional check-in, have an honest discussion regarding what’s functioning as well as not, as well as, just like at the poker table, want to adapt and alter.


How Slot Machines Paylines And Pay Tables Work

For new gamers, getting a hold of online slots could be tricky and challenging. Even some advanced players find it confusing to get a hold of all features of the online slots. The slot machine pay lines and their paytables is another complicated part of the online slot machines. In this article, we shall explain the slot machine pay lines and their paytables. After going through this article, you shall be equipped with the right knowledge to try a game at your chosen online casino site.

Slot Machine Paylines and Pay Tables

The most popular games in casinos are probably video slots. You could get confused in knowing how they work if you’ve never played them before. Depending on the game you want to play, it could be not very clear to understand slot machine pay tables. Understanding how the slot machine paytables work is essential for you to maximize your time at the online 카지노먹튀. Generally, there is no particular skill needed in playing online slots. You have to be in the right place at the right time with a bit of luck.

What is a Slot Machine Pay Table

Every slot machine differs in shape and form, but its playtable links them all. The slot machine playtable is a unique feature that you can find in all slot machines regardless of their size or shape. Play tables do not pop up immediately do you open the game, and you need to know how to access them before you begin playing. This should be added to the list of things you do once you want to play a new slot. Also do not neglect to read the play table as it can help you in the long run as you enjoy your game.