Is It Mandatory To Verify My Identity At A Bookmaker?


Online gambling operators such as bookmakers or casino are required to verify the identity of their users to prevent fraud. If the account is not verified, you will not be able to withdraw funds even with Free Spins Casino, and you will have limited deposits.

Verify Identity Bookmakers

Surely, in the last few weeks, you have received emails or notices when logging into your online sportsbook, casino, bingo or poker room to verify your account. Identity verification is mandatory in many countries, and many bookmakers have launched incentives for their users to verify their identity, such as free bonuses for players who verify the account. But what is identity verification? What is it for? How do you do it? We are going to solve the questions about verifying betting accounts.

What Is Identity Verification

Identity verification is a requirement introduced by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling to protect the player and prevent fraud in online gambling, a sector that continues to grow in our country. When we register at a bookmaker, we have to give personal information such as our name and surname or the ID. Well, what is sought with identity verification is to ensure that the registration data matches the user’s data. In other words, you have not invented them and have registered with a fictitious identity.

Is It Mandatory To Verify My Account?

Although account verification is somewhat mandatory since April 1, 2019, we can continue betting or playing at our preferred online casino as if nothing except in two key moments for any player. The first of them is to make deposits over $150, a figure necessary to access some welcome bonuses. However, it is also true that some bookmakers or casinos have reduced their bonuses to require users to deposit less than this amount.

The second time you will need to have your account verified is the withdrawal of funds. If you have not verified your account, you cannot request any withdrawal of funds. Verification is the only way for online gaming operators to verify that the identity of the user requesting the withdrawal matches that of the registered player. In parallel, bookies or online casinos have their mechanisms to guarantee that money will not end up in the hands of third parties.

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