The Sports Betting Deals with the European Handicap



European handicap as well as Asian handicap is a market that serves to equalize the strength of both teams / players, also seeking to equalize the odds. It’s a way of encouraging people to bet on the team that is paying too little. Why a team when it is very favorite gets a fairly low odd from the 먹튀 betting sites.

The European handicap is not a well-known market in Brazil because we generally prefer the Asian because it has a chance of voiding the bet, while in the European not. You need to be sure about the whole process here.

The difference from European to Asian handicap

If you are used to the Asian handicap it will be easier to understand this explanation, otherwise, access what is Asian handicap to understand this market as well.

What is Asian handicap and also what is goal handicap

The basic difference is that the European handicap bets on the home win, the visitor’s win and a draw, while on the Asian handicap there is no bet on the draw.

Given the possibility of a draw on the European handicap result, it may be that your bet will be different if you bet on the Asian handicap. Let’s see:

Asian handicap

In Asian wins the one who bets on Bristol City -1 if the team wins by at least 2 goals difference. If the win is for 1 goal the bet is void and the money returned.

  • European handicap
  • European handicap example 

In Europeans, those who bet on Bristol City (-1) will win if the team wins by at least 2 goals difference. Now, if the win is only 1 goal difference the bet is not voided, it is lost .

Realized that there is a difference in quotation? Because there is no tie in the European handicap, the sites pay more for those who risk it.

Did you also realize that to win in the European handicap Bristol City (-1) is the same way to win in the Asian Bristol City -1.5?

Yes. And in this case, the European price at 2.30 is lower than the Asian at 2.425 and you might be thinking “Why bet on the European handicap”? Because often the quotation in European is higher than in Asian, it depends on the site and the match in question.

Below is a print of the two markets from the same match above that shows the advantage of betting on the European .

  • Asian
  • European

European handicap example 

To win the bet on Bristol -2.5 and Bristol (-2) the final score must be the same: Bristol win by three goals difference. In this scenario, the European handicap at 4.75 pays more than the Asian at 4.650.